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Possibly one of the most common problems that we are asked to diagnose is the frequently seen “P0420 Catalyst Efficiency Below threshold” fault. Unfortunately we are finding that many customers are referred to us after they have already fallen victim to bad advice.

This can be a costly repair, even when it is diagnosed correctly the first time around, so it isn’t hard to imagine the frustration that a vehicle owner must feel, when they come to realise that the £200 or so, which they have already spent on misguided diagnostics, was a total waste of money!

Catalyst Efficiency…

…Correct Diagnosis

We have a firm belief that a job needs to be done correctly & done only once! Often we will lose out on a Catalyst replacement job to our competitors, as we will only fit a dealer supplied part. Our competitors will be able to undercut us massively, as it is possible to buy economy Catalysts for sometimes 75% less than a genuine part.

The old adage that “You get what you pay for” is never more relevant, than to this subject. You simply cannot produce a Catalyst that is equivalent in quality to a genuine unit for the price that these “Eco Cats” are available.

Many times we have had owners express that with hindsight, they would have preferred to have taken the “Quality Catalyst” route.

Do it right & do it once.

It is an expensive lesson to learn!