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In the ongoing search for cleaner tailpipe emissions, diesel technology has changed enormously in recent years. Not only has the diesel injection process had a complete revamp, but now the exhaust system on all modern diesel cars has taken on a new role. Previously the main requirement of an exhaust system, was to give quiet passage of the exhausted gases, to the tail pipe exit. Cleaner emissions targets have led to the inclusion of an exhaust filter that is designed to collect the sooty deposited that diesel powered cars would typically emit under hard acceleration conditions.

Commonly known as a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) this feature is not generally mentioned to the unsuspecting buyer of a modern diesel powered vehicle, but there is no escaping the expense of maintenance or repair in the long term.

We have extensive experience of these systems & have been dealing with them for years now. We see lots of problems that arise from “meddling” by folks that really don't know what they are doing. We prefer to repair system faults the way the manufacturer intended, but for those situations where it is not cost effective, we have other “wallet friendly” options available to us!

Cleaner Tailpipe Emissions…

…Diesel Particulate Technology