Vauxhall Eco Tech Cam Sensor

(AC Excited)

Vauxhall Vectra 2000 X20XEV

If I start with the basic capture that we are familiar with from the Pico waveform library. This picture is an animation (click to view). The two frames of the animation display the difference between the "phased" and "de phased" conditions that mark the point at which the camshaft pulley reference section passes the sensor.

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The "phased" & "de phased" signals


The image below`(Click to Enlarge) shows a Crank signal (green) & the messy blue/red signal in the middle is twin AC signal of the Cam sensor. At this scale it has no detail but as we zoom into the area of the two vertical cursors, then a clearer picture emerges.

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The Big Picture!


This next image is zoomed in X5. Bare in mind the vertical cursors are in the same place in all of these images & they give some idea to the scale of what we are looking at.

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Zoomed X5


This time at X20 magnification. At this level of zoom, you can still make out one full Crank signal segment. Still not close enough to make out the detail of the Cam signal though.

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Zoomed X20


This next image is zoomed in X50. This is were the AC signal can be seen clearly & the actual phase shift can just be seen between the left & right cursor.

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Zoomed X50


This next animation shows the important area.

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Download Pico 6 animation (2.3 Mb)